Video Production

Online Video MarketingIn today’s web environment, video is becoming an huge factor in helping businesses convey a message to their customers or consumers. It is important for businesses to undertake high quality (HD) video production efforts to produce informative videos. This can help business in their marketing efforts by showing how great their products are, or by helping consumers better navigate their websites.

At Advanced Internet Management, we understand the importance of having informative, high quality video to use on your website. Our video production team can put together high quality HD videos as simple as website “how to” videos or more complex training videos for customers or employees. Videos may be hosted on Youtube and embedded on your site to give a better user experience. All videos go through multiple revisions to ensure top quality. If you have any questions about how video can enhance your business, please call us at 855.AIM.ONLINE (855.246.6654)


Example videos created by our video production department.

This is a video used for to highlight the ease of an online quote for their customers.

This video was produced for MiBox to highlight durability of their portable storage units after Hurricane Sandy.