Brand & Logo Development

hYour logo represents who you are; you don’t want that corrupted or compromised. Your logo design is essential for quick recognition on the web, because it takes only one or two seconds for that potential customer to decide what he/she thinks of you. You want to put your best foot forward. AIM is a new strategy for web development that you can use in order to be ahead of the curve.  Software now exists that can help design logos for your Instant Messaging programs, so that your company can now be represented when you talk to clients, customers or other business contacts. It resembles the way in which email users can let their customers know who they are.

Make sure your logo is easy to identify under any circumstances, and be sure its simple and universal. At this time, simple logos are good and easy to use, because few people are using them. After making a cursive review of the software available, some have special features, and some don’t.  The better ones can encrypt your logo, much like some artwork has security anchors online. But it may be that you should consider this option, because if you go to the expense of having a designer make your logo, the last thing you want, is to have it stolen, and then having to prove its yours.

Like most new developments, sometimes the law only follows and doesn’t lead in giving you protection. Mush like logos, in the early West, branding was difficult to prove proprietary. Ranchers were being constantly robbed of their ‘logos’ or brands on their livestock, and it was always an embroilment to prove who’s livestock belonged to who.  The internet is kind of like the ‘wild west’ in that aspect. When you try something new like logo development for your business in instant messaging, you want to secure your product.  A unique logo is as important to protect, because people will recognize it as brand recognition, as the integrity of your business. Its a little like having someone ‘rob’ your website with a similar web address. The reputation of your business is at stake when you have web presence, and you want to have as little worry and anxiety regarding your service or business negotiations.