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Advanced Internet Management (AIM) offers full-service internet communication services for small, medium and global enterprise. From website design and development planning to marketing solutions, our Web based optimization services build profit into your strategic advertising and communications program. Create more opportunities to turn visitors into customers. Return on investment (ROI) is value added marketing.

Equity in customer decision making is the basis to every ‘click’. Establish the most creative and effective channel marketing campaign at the right price. AIM is the solution to any organization’s competitive intelligence needs. Feasibility assessment prefaces the planning, implementation and execution of design-in components. Our modular approach to online marketing enables to clients to add or eliminate platform values during a campaign. No more lost profitability in poorly planned placement. Change ad placement on the spot.

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hWith continuous feedback and an iterative revision process, our online marketing campaign strategies afford business customers the option of minimizing production costs and maximizing quality toward more significant results. AIM strives to create unique solutions for clients with the goal of more ROI in mind.

Our marketing specialists are committed to establishing a mutually profitable partnership, so that the additional hassle of growing your business is our obligation. Come to AIM to achieve exceptional levels of profit on every campaign segment. We are in the business of identifying new methods of monetization in advertising.

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When a business customer works with AIM representatives, one of the first questions is: “how can I profit from the latest techniques and technology to get the most from the company website Search Engine?” The initial step to capitalizing on an online marketing campaign is to ensure that keyword indices optimize search engine protocols.

Search engine optimization (SEO) marketing is one of the most popular and effective methods of a guiding new traffic to a company website online. Strategic, first page, top-level placement is a serious challenge in Web advertising today. Our professional SEO specialists make sure that business customers receive the maximum visitor traffic.

AIM is one of the few companies offering affordable, modular online marketing campaign management that can assure that your SEO advertising delivers your company website to the top of every,, Yahoo!.com search. AIM’s strategic SEO dominance planning puts clients at the front of the competition. Increase visibility in online advertising with optimized dynamic content generation and keyword insertion on every campaign segment.

AIM offers business customers more depth in connectivity of homepage navigation with external advertising links. We analyze your online presence from the point of view search engine efficiency. By coordinating SEO ‘click’ options with company pages, professional, well channeled, online marketing campaigns enhance exposure. Order custom SEO and other search engine management (SEM) components for your strategic marketing plan. With AIM competitive intelligence is value added performance for any business website. AIM guarantees profitable results. Get the most ROI on your next marketing campaign.

Once a SEO campaign is in place, one of the most effective tools for the marketing managers are dashboard driven analytics. We offer a comprehensive set of metric tools for companies to engage during their campaign. Control the traffic to your business website. Industry relevance in keywords and better navigation mapping of SEO advertising ensures that the most quality leads are generated. Knowledge sharing about SEO performance improves in-process campaign management, so that changes can be made to less competitive elements of the strategy.


Monetization of SEO advertising with ‘pay-per-click’ (PPC) platforms has advanced the growth of marketing efficiency on-demand. No more worries about campaign components not driving traffic to your business website. With PPC, cost to clients is limited to per ‘click’ response. Improve marketing precision with next generation PPC advertising. PPC also advances e-commerce results.
Guide traffic to your company shopping or procurement page.

Get the most of universal advertising platforms online. Perfect for optimizing Google Adwords and Microsoft AdCenter values, PPC is an effective method of linking visitors to brand identified partners in business. Maximize your company’s marketing budget with PPC, while cutting the cost of extraneous click usage. High yield conversion of visitors to customers at point-of-sale is certain ROI.

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