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The Importance of Making your Website Social

Social media continues to be a powerful way to reach the public. And what started out as a trend in 2011 has become a necessity in 2012. Over the past 12 months Social Media has grown into one of the strongest marketing platforms. Websites like Facebook and Twitter are a key part to reaching the consumer where they already are online.

By communicating with your customers directly, Social Media allows your company becomes less of a business and more of a trusted resource. The continuing popularity of mobile internet devices has also become a vital part of staying-ahead in Social Media. If your website can’t translate to mobile, you will certainly fall behind. Being user-friendly is a basic rule. As mobile device aren’t just phones anymore, having a web presence that can been seen by today’s iPhones, Tablets and even automobiles and videogame consoles. These machines are commonplace and are effective tools for effective online marketing.

SEO has become a multidisciplinary practice where one must attend to every aspects of the online experience. To help improve your website ranking, an SEO strategy that implements social media into your web marketing is a sure way to reach today’s tech-savvy consumer. More and more people are relying on usability and information sharing to guide them. A presence on mainstream social media has given small-scale companies the ability to increase their sales revenue overnight.

In 2011 Google log nearly 154 million unique visitors compared to Facebook’s near 138 million. This illustrates the importance of these tools and their effect on our everyday lives. Taking advantage of Search Engines and Social Media channels will only better your company’s position online. Along with making your website compatible with today’s mobile devices, you business must embrace outlets like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to effectively reach the world in 2012.

Web Content is Your Key to a Happy Panda

Google’s Panda updates are part of a continuing effort to deliver the most valuable results whenever we search online. The powerful algorithm has been a challenge with SEOs and Business Owners who need to maintain an effective online presence. Google states their new pet does have a genuine interest in the searcher experience. So, it is important to know how we can adapt our websites to the latest trends in ranking. Quality content is what matters to Panda now. Instead of the repetition of keywords and links, Google is examining entire websites to ensure the content is unique, engaging and informative.

Since it was unleashed in early 2011 many websites have had to pay careful attention to how their content will attract both the customer and Google’s new updates. The search engine has been battling years of SEO shortcuts and “black hat” trickery. Websites that offer useful information about a subject were often pages behind other sites that were utilizing copies or even hidden text. The SERPs were filled with sites that offered little usable information and users began turning to other search engines. Dynamic content is the strongest tool to engaging your audience and the Panda updates.

Keeping your articles filled with useful information is a great way to get the reader to interact with your website. Content that can be scanned quickly will make it easier for the searcher to pinpoint the exact information they are looking for. While Panda has had a negative effect on some, websites that are well designed and deliver information quickly and easily that Google is looking for. By creating in-depth and insightful articles, your readers are more apt to share your website with their friends via links and social media outlets. Relevant content is what will keep your reader interacting with your website and ultimately learning, joining or making a purchase.

Adding value to the user experience is how the written word can help you befriend the Panda will let even a smallest business to rank big. If you own a business and operate a website or blog, knowing how these updates affect your page rank is paramount to getting your message across. By delivering results based on a website’s content and design, Panda is able to decipher high-quality sites from low-quality ones, improving the way you find information online.

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Achieve the Google Rank you Want

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How to get higher rankings with Google
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Does your small business need a boost in revenue?  Our SEO Team can help you find new client and get your business the exposure you need on the internet.  We have been providing SEO for many Small to medium sized business’s in the United states for over 7 years.  Give us a call to see what we can do for you!!