Using Search Engine Marketing For Your Company Name

Many times I have a chance to sit down with clients who have websites and are looking to expand their presence online through SEO or SEM Services. One of the first things we check is what happens when you search for the client’s company name online. There are times “Company XYZ” will not rank in the top 10 organically because their company name is not present in their url, or the website’s pages have no titles, tags or descriptions that match the company name.

If you are not ranking for your company name, your competitors are undoubtedly cashing in on people looking for your services or products. While we recommend a quality, long term solution through Search Engine Optimization, there is another approach that will have an immediate impact until organic rankings are achieved: Search Engine Marketing.

Most clients will say advertising their company name is a waste of resources, and there are situations where this is correct. However, if you find you don’t show up anywhere in searches for your company name or your competitors are advertising for your company name to steal your clients, then a “defensive” search marketing strategy is recommended to prevent losing business to the competition.

At Advanced Internet Management, we can establish both short and long-term solutions to get clients raking for their company name searches online. We are certified with Google and Microsoft to provide Search Engine Marketing through pay per click, driving traffic and revenue to your business. Call us at 855-AIM-Online for a consultation.