Facebook Deals

Every business is looking for new ways to market their business. Some options cost more money than others, while some ways are Free! Facebook Deals are just that and a great way to market your business. If you are looking for new marketing tools you need to check out Facebook Deals.

They give you 4 options for deals Individual Deals, Friend Deals, Loyalty Deals, and Charity Deals. The concept is simple have a customer come to your location and check-in using there phone to tell all of there friends that they are at your store.

Individual Deals is rewarding each person that checks in at your store or location. This options is great just to reward someone for letting there friends know that they shopped or visited your location.

Friend Deals are another great tool where the must check in with a friend on Facebook so you limit the amount of deals you give out and increase the exposure for each time a group of people check-in together.

Loyalty Deals, everyone is tired of carrying around 10 different loyalty cards from all different restaurants and stores. This brings those old card programs onto the internet. The concept is simple the person comes to your location and checks in multiple times (you set how many times are required) and after that many times the customer gets a discount or something free. Remember though this just means they visited not purchased.

Charity Deals are a great way to give back. Get people checking in to help raise money for a good cause. Its a simple concept that gives you some marketing for giving a donation to a worthy cause.

Overall Facebook Deals seems like a simple concept and well worth a shot to see how you can make them work for your business.