Bing Joins Facebook for its Personalized Search Experience

If you like Facebook and check your account more than 3 times a day,’s new personalized search is a welcomed addition. Imagine that you are searching for a product. SEOs are all battling for the top spots on the SERPs and unfortunately what you are actually looking for is on page 6. Instead of being limited by a group of keywords, is betting on the fact that what you are looking for has already been found by one of your friends.

While we all have our individual tastes, our friends share the same hobbies and buying patterns as we do. The Bing Search Engine has taken that step. By using the data we all post on Facebook, your own shopping experience could help save your cohorts some time and money. Likewise for those who rely on tech-savvy friends to provide valuable advice when searching for the best TV or parts for their car. While the algorithms of Google are crunching facts by the millisecond, a search that integrates the knowledge of your friends will not only help you make a decision fast, but you know you that you can trust the source.

The “Friend Effect” that Bing has brought to the table should be ideal for any Facebook fan. Using the Like information we share with our friends, we can share and learn about the best products, games and websites across the globe. So whether you are looking for holiday gift ideas, or need the most reliable products, Bing’s introduction of Adaptive Search is sure to change the search experience forever.